Internet product delivery: learn how to work and succeed

How can I work on internet product delivery
How can I work on internet product delivery

More and more consumers choose to shop in online stores. The main motivations are the lower price than high street stores, the variety of products available and the convenience of shopping without leaving home. 

To give you an idea, the Florida Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm) estimates that by 2019, sales of electronic commerce will reach the mark of $ 79.9 billion. This number is 16% higher than in 2018.

Along with this growing market, there is increasing demand from carriers and deliverers of products sold through online stores. If you want to work in the internet product delivery area , stay tuned for our tips. 


The good prospects of online sales motivate many entrepreneurs to start selling over the internet. Others, however, see the delivery market as a good opportunity to undertake and gain autonomy and extra income.

To work with deliveries, you must first start a business. An alternative is to start the business as an individual microentrepreneur (MEI). The category has two activities that can be associated with internet product delivery:

  • Independent Pouch Deliverer
  • Independent Motoboy

Remember that to be MEI you must have a monthly income of up to $ 6,750 and annual revenues of up to $ 81,000. If you want to delve into the subject and know all about opening a MEI, read here .

After already having the company open, the entrepreneur should make contact with managers of virtual stores. Although Post Office is the most preferred modality, e-commerce that sells to nearby neighborhoods and cities can have cost and time benefits when opting for independent couriers. 


Many people who want to work with internet product delivery don’t know where to start. Just like any other business, delivering orders sold online must have a definite goal. Therefore, it is important that you know what your company will focus on.

A good way is to offer delivery service to regions near the e-commerce location. For example, an e-commerce that sells handcrafted candy needs to rely on the service of a courier to carefully take the product to the customer’s address. In this case, you can provide the service with your private car.


Another alternative for those who want to work with Internet product delivery, but don’t want to start a business for this, is to provide service for applications that deliver goods. 

When it comes to food, UberEats is the most famous. However, there are other alternatives, such as Rappi , which, in addition to taking restaurant orders, also provides supermarket service and makes purchases in stores. 


When thinking of starting up with a new delivery business, many entrepreneurs think of alternatives about working with fast delivery and competing with the Post Office. In fact, this sector is dominated by the Post Office, a very strong and well-structured state-owned company.

That’s why it’s best for your business not to compete with the Post Office. To do so, you can go two ways: offering services that the Post Office does not offer or meeting some of the demands that the Post Office has left unmet. 

Remember that the courier service is very efficient for delivering long distance parcels. If an e-commerce located in Miami sells a product to the interior of Tampa, there is no doubt that mail will be the best alternative.

However, when an online store operates primarily in your area and, more than that, sells products that are fragile or need to be handled with care, Post Offices are no longer the best choice. In that case, your service may be quite appropriate. 


Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who transport in municipalities often use small vehicles, such as SUVs and small trucks. This way, it is possible to load products of various modalities, such as perishable food, fragile objects or large items. 

If you are new to the area and are looking for your space in the market, be sure to offer the differential agile transportation of products, with responsibility to deliver them in good condition. One of the major challenges of the delivery market is ensuring that the product reaches the consumer in its intact hands. 


For your company in the small cargo transportation segment to be attractive to e-commerce managers, it is not enough just to know the city and be willing to go around it incessantly. A good location is required.

When considering your business location, keep these two things in mind:

  • You must be situated in a central point of the city.
  • You must have a safe space to store the products.

A good strategy for deciding where your base will be is to think about the address of your potential customers . This way you will be able to understand what will be the most frequent routes to take on a daily basis. 


You may have questions about the investment required to open a small freight carrier, right? Remember that the investment for a company varies depending on the number of people working in it. For a transportation company, you may be acting alone or you may need one more employee. 

In addition, you will need to invest in a vehicle that can carry goods up to 1,000 pounds. In this regard, pick up trucks, small trucks and vans. If your focus is on smaller deliveries, you can consider whether instead of the heavy-duty vehicle you can buy a motorcycle. 

Finally, you should think about investments in your work address. Will you need to rent a space or can you start working from home? All of these decisions impact the initial investment of the business. 


Unfortunately there is no ready answer to this question. However, it is possible to outline dissemination strategies that bring you closer to large e-commerce companies. In short, you must volunteer, show services, and prepare proposals.

In general, large companies, such as the Alibaba, accept proposals from couriers who deliver within urban perimeters. But for this, you must meet the requirements to become a company associate.

All of this is explained on the company page, as well as other companies on the internet. After the first contact, you must negotiate freight rates, your profitability, how many deliveries you can make per day, and other technical details.

However, it is worth remembering that you need not be afraid of being small. While you can’t work with big names in e-commerce, try to provide good service to small entrepreneurs.

If these managers are satisfied with your service, they will refer you to others in the area and you have a great chance of maturing your business. Always remember that trust and agility are key characteristics for those who decide to work with internet product deliveries. 

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